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EA-189 & DieselGate data API

Check specific vehicles for emission scandal validity data

  • Volkswagen (VAG EA189)
  • Mercedes (Tier 1 & Tier2)

* 2 manufacturers affected vehicles identified, 5 more readying for release.

Reprogrammed ECU

The emissions software scandal

UK Vehicle Data Ltd are able to tell you if a vehicle has been affected by DieselGate, either EA-189 for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda or tier 1 or 2 rectifications from Mercedes.
Also known as NOx Emissions recalls, we have fully categorised the data for ease of use.

We offer 4 ways to use the data, either by per lookup charge API by a dedicated, white-label web page, unlimited server node or bulk cleanse. If you are a solicitors firm looking for accurate DieselGate information, please get in touch. UK Vehicle Data Ltd are the data power behind the class action for the UK and Europe.

UKVD can help you with

  • Is the vehicle affected?
  • Full vehicle history
  • Keeper change data with dates
  • Count of affected vehicles in UK
  • Point in time valuation (Condition & mileage)
  • API, Single page lookup or Bulk data service
  • Torque / power loss after manufacturer fix

Don't be sold 'data' short. To rely just on identification by model, model year and or engine code is simply not enough to be accurate. We have researched each vehicle model line extensively at a VIN level to provide the most accurate data in the industry. We then cross reference that data with the affected manufacturer to ensure a 100% accuracy level based upon the combined understanding and parameters at any given time.

We hold detailed data on every affected UK vehicle. As a top tier DVLA data provider we hold all VIN data for the UK, past and present. Overlaying this data together with our exact VIN identification allows us to compile with the utmost certainty the definitive list of affected vehicle in the UK. While we can not share the list directly and in bulk, we are able to cleanse your signed and your reject lists quickly and effectively. We also offer this solution in our API for intake of claims at inception.

Recent comments about our service

"..The team at UK Vehicle Data (specifically Martin James) have demonstrated an overwhelming competence in the area of Diesel emissions technology in general and the UK "Dieselgate" scandal in particular. In every conversation I have had with them, they have raised mission-critical issues regarding the market for the UK Diesel vehicles in question and the availability of different types of data which relate to these important issues which I never would have known without their guidance...."

UK claims statistics

Below you will find some headline numbers for the current ongoing claims. We can further break this down by exact model numbers, owners by model,

Volkswagen (VAG)


Vehicles affected


Possible owner claims



Vehicles affected


Possible owner claims


Check a vehicle for effected emissions page is limited to 3 vehicles per IP per day

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