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Vehicle Drop Down Data in .CSV

Flat .csv file format coding system

Data continuity importance

While having VRM lookup on your website or application is an important part of conversion and convenience, having matching data for Make and Model select is just as important. UKVD are able to provide you with matched data for powering drop-downs, lookups or data insertion each linked or unique UVID. Updated monthly and available in .CSV, MSSQL or MYSQL formats it contains all Makes and models for the UK from the last 30 years.

The drop down data contains the following grouped fields

Field Explanation
Make The manufacturer of the vehicle
Model The model of the manufacturers vehicle
Derivative Exact derivative of the model
Series Manufacturers series designation
Gearbox The vehicles transmission
Engine cc The size in cc of the primary engine
Fuel Primary fuel of the vehicle
Body Style Body silhouette grouped into type
Doors Number of doors the vehicle has
BHP The horsepower of the engine for that vehicle type
Dates The dates the series was available from and to

The flat file data is super useful when it comes to powering your business and can be used for

  • Powering website drop downs
  • Inputting data for fleet operators
  • Customer data selection
  • Data continuity

Total current rows for individual vehicles is 52,541

Example data

UVID Make Model Derivative Series Gearbox Engine CC Fuel Body Doors BHP Dates
064899 TOYOTA PRIUS T3 PS2 CVT 1497 PETROL/ELE HATCHBACK 4 76.4 01/10/03-11/12/13
049388 BMW 1 SERIES 123D M SPORT E8X MANUAL 1995 DIESEL HATCHBACK 6 201.2 01/02/10-01/06/2013
020918 FORD ESCORT GL MANUAL 1597 PETROL HATCHBACK 5 90 01/02/86-01/09/90

The data can be split or concatenated to suit your needs, for example if you sell vehicle car mats you would group by only 4 fields, but an engine tuning company would need to specify all 9. How you choose to use them is up to the requirements of your business but we are here with 12x6 support to help you out. Each vehicle is coded to our unique UVID driven by industry standard codes such as ABI, MVRIS, GLASSID and others. You will then be able to call our API directly using the UVID for parts, tyres etc in the same way and with the same return that VRM lookup does.

Drop down data is updated monthly and is on a subscription basis of £99.00+vat per month with a minimum subscription period of 6 months.

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