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Cookies perform a lot of different tasks in a modern website like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, storing your settings and generally improving your user experience of a website.

What is in a cookie?

A cookie or also known as a 'browser cookie' is a simple text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device. Only the website that put it there can access and read its contents. It contains anonymous information about your visit, preferences for the website and settings you may have chosen. A cookie is unique to the web browser that received it, so if you change device or computer your cookie will not be there unless for example, you log into a website.


What if I don't want them?

Some people choose not to accept cookies as they feel uncomfortable with some companies using the information to target more relevant advertising towards them. It is however possible to set your browser not to accept cookies, this does mean that a lot of website functionality may not work as expected.

UK Vehicle Data Cookies

See below a list of our cookies, why we store them and how we use them.

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