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Data & Technology Platform
UKVD Datacenters & Servers
UK Vehicle Data Ltd is first and foremost a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. We run our API's on the latest hardware and software using modern encryption techniques and industry standard hardware. We intelligently load balance incoming traffic between 3 UK ISO 27001 accredited tier 1 datacenters. All our services run on dedicated equipment each with twin failover 1Gbps internet connectivity NICS to ensure your API response is as fast and secure as it can be.
Data Security & Privacy
We take Security very seriously. You trust us with some pretty important information such as your email address, name and phone number not to mention your password and company data volumes. All your company and profile data is stored with non reversible encryption in our databases. On top of that we employ full disk encryption to ensure even should the physical hardware be tampered with no data can be extracted. We voluntarily submit to penetration testing and have external consultants peer check our controls and firewalls. We use PCI accredited payment agencies so no card, bank or payment information is ever stored on our servers EVER.

We will never sell or pass on your data without your express permission either through voluntary opt in or where you have requested we extend your data set or package with supplementary data.
Software and API's
We write and maintain all code in house. We try our very best to make it as easy as possible for developers to connect with a secure and robust method without sacrificing speed and reliability. We favour modern restful API's with up-to-date security practices and techniques. We offer sample code, drop-in DLL's or even co-located API servers to ensure response times are as fast as possible.
The UKVD team, 10 members and counting...
Martin James
Relationship Manager & CEO
September 2017
Purchasing a majority shareholding in September 2017 Martin has taken up the CEO reins and has led the company to profitability in just 18 months. Martin & Ben finalised the sale of their last company to HPI / Solera in 2015. Martin has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and 30 in IT real-time systems.
Aidan Sheriff
Managing Director
December 2017
Aidan joined UKVD in 2017 and in 2019 was promoted to Managing Director. Aidans wealth of skills from development, big data, management and infrastructure means he is well placed to manage the day to day running of UKVD.
Moray Mackenzie
Founder & Engineering Director
November 2015
Moray was an original founder of UKVD and having sold to Martin James and Ben Hermer in late 2017 is now enjoying a senior position in the development team. Moray brings 3 decades of system on chip design having converted that knowledge to modern web architecture in recent years. Moray is the brains behind the UKVD Core API response times.
Ben Hermer
December 2018
Ben rejoins Martin as the full-time CTO and is looking forward to improving an already strong technical platform. Ben was also a majority share holder in a previous company sold to Solera / Audatex and brings his 30+ years of software and database experience to the team.
Adam Saunders
Integration Consultant
November 2017
As a founder of UKVD Adam was responsible for the initial planning and contraction phases of the software development with Moray. Adam left in 2017 to pursue his core business interest a fantastic business software platform. Adam still retains a share holding and his services are retained by the business for his technical experience.
Roger Powell
Director of sales
August 2019
Roger brings 40 years experience of automotive knowledge to UKVD. Spending his last decade at CDL creating the My Car Check platform, Roger is now looking forward to a new chapter in his life and UKVD is extremely proud to be with him on this journey.
Tony Percival
Data manager
September 2019
Tony joins us from a 20 year expertise in the automotive parts industry. His vehicle model knowledge will be invaluable as UKVD becomes one of the big 4 VRM Lookup companies in the UK. Tony will be responsible for our core data and code matching.
Lisa Milman
HR Manager & Bookeeping
May 2018
Lisa joined as part-time book keeper but was quickly promoted to HR Manager as we discovered how amazing she was at the role. Lisa keeps us all in check from an HR perspective as well as keeping our books correct in real-time.
Jamie Hawthorn
Junior account manager
July 2019
Jamie joins UKVD as their first Junior. Jamie is fresh from college and adds great value in his writing ability to create unique industry news. UKVD will be training Jamie extensively over the next few years in automotive to become the next major player in the company.
David Robshaw
October 2017
David rejoins Martin and Ben guiding them with is 40 years of business knowledge and financial experience. David is a fully qualified accountant and hold shares in UKVD. David is an opportunity finder for UKVD for finance and ultimately sale.
UK Vehicle Data Ltd
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