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Account security

Options for securing your API Key and account

We work hard to provide a technology platform that protects your business from unexpected data charges

1. IP Whitelisting

From the UKVD control panel you are able to restrict the IP address that can connect to the UKVD API using your account credentials. You can have up to 10 specified addresses and is configurable from right inside your control panel. You are able to access the IP Filter rules here:

2. Account limitations

Once you have signed up and received your welcome email, follow the link in the email to set your password and access the control panel. In the control panel head to and copy your API Key to the clipboard.


Our industry leading Client Api Access Control. CAAP protects the 'Number plate lookup' facility and associated data cost on your website from screen scraping, competitor usage and public abuse. Building on our API Key protection layer we already have with IP Filtering, oAuth2 and basic level authentication, we want to put our customers in control of their data usage by building CAPP to be 100% configurable by the customer. Using your control panel you can now view usage stats, enable blocking and configure daily rules.

  • Defend against screen scraping
  • Stop competitor usage & abuse
  • Kerb public abuse
  • Stops unexpected data bills
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