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Getting Started

How to setup initial access for the UKVD API

1. Get your Trial / Sandbox account

In order to connect to UK Vehicle Data's systems you will need an account. Signing up is free and takes about 30 seconds. When you sign-up for your account be descriptive when specifying the use for the data as this will speed up your account creation. Once you have signed up you will have an API Key to use, access to the control panel and data. We aim to enable accounts within 15 minuets.

Get your free trial account

2. Test your API key

Once you have signed up and received your welcome email, follow the link in the email to set your password and access the control panel. In the control panel head to and copy your API Key to the clipboard.

Enter your API Key
Test key
API key test result

3. Trial / Sandbox usage restrictions

The default restrictions apply to any Trial / Sandbox API Key and account

  • The data may not be made publicly available while in sandbox
  • All data is returned but lookups are restricted to VRM containing the letter 'A'
  • The UKVD Sandbox Trial gives you as much time as you need to integrate your code. No time limit trial.
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